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OUr PROgrams

Currently, we have three consistent programs in place. These programs were designed to help our families find home again while navigating through a foreign country to them. Below you will find each program and its description below. English Learning Program


English Learning Program

This program is design to help families adapt to the local language. It is also a means to help bridge language barriers and gaps. Our families come from countries all over the world, where English is not the native language. In order to ensure their success here locally, volunteers are provided an English curriculum and help families learn basic and conversational English. Our volunteers create a schedule with the family to ensure a system in place. If you would like to be a part of this program please contact us today


Food Bank Program

A general list of necessity and food items that the families primarily use is supplied to volunteers. Volunteers donate whatever they are able to from the list of 16 items. They are not required to purchase all the items on the list. We help coordinate the drop off to the families.

Items for the Food Bank Program

                     Flour                                Sugar                           Corn Oil                     Honey 

                     Bread                               Milk                              Onions                       Eggs

                     Toilet Paper                     Paper Towel                 Pads                          Shampoo/ Soap 

                     Laundry Detergent         Dish Detergent            Halal Meat                Deodorant

                     Tomatoes                         Fruits                            Kidney Beans            Potatoes


Appointment Program

Volunteers assist with taking families to their appointments. They are signed up to be a driver for their appointments for three months. Volunteers have a 24-48 hour notice for each appointment. If you would like to help with this please contact us. 

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